FlashFloppy FF.CFG

If you need to modify or reset your Godrive to the factory settings, please create a plain text file called FF.CFG and put it into the root of your FAT32 formatted USB Stick and copy the following text into the file.

display-type = oled-128×64
display-order = default
oled-font = 8×16
oled-contrast = 200
autoselect-file-secs = 3
autoselect-folder-secs = 0
twobutton-action = zero
ejected-on-startup = no
sort-priority = folders
folder-sort = always
image-on-startup = static
rotary = full

You can also modify the volume or display timeout using the following flags. The below will reduce the volume slightly and set the display to always on

step-volume = 15
display-off-secs = 255