Digital GoDRIvE 1200 (Also compatible with the 500/500+)

GoDRIvE1200 is a complete solution for A1200(or A500/A500+), to keep original Floppy drive and have FDD emulator.

GoDRIvE1200 lets you have both inside and switch between them on the go.
You can use either an FDD or floppy drive emulator, but NOT both at the same time.


Both act as DF0:
Keep original FDD in place
Purposely designed PCB to fit on top of the 34 pin floppy drive connector and 4 pin power connector.
ability to switch between both (FDD and GoDRiVE1200)on the go.
Buzzer with amplifying circuit to hear emulated floppy sound (FF.cfg adjustable)
No modification to the case needed.
Used FFC ribbon instead of dupont connectors (much neater and easier to feed ribbon through case vents).
Breakout box with all necessary features (Large 1.3” OLED screen, rotary encoder with switch, activity LED light, drive selector and USB socket)

In case you want to use your own add-ons (USB, Screen, Rotary encoder) in different position instead of using breakout box, all necessary connections are on the PCB
(ask to have pins soldered when ordering)

Running the most popular FlashFloppy firmware, thanks to Keir Fraser. – strongly recommend to visit his page for the latest firmware updates, “FF” config guide.

If you are owner of one of mentioned above drives, please ask for a 
SLIM version, as these drives are TOO LONG to fit standard GoDRIvE1200 model.

If you are owner of ESCOM A1200, GoDRIvE1200 will not work without modyfying 
mainboard and replacing PC-compatible FDD fitted, for Amiga compatible one.

To determine if you are the owner of above please check your A1200 case badge
(You'll find it on the internet) or to make sure remove motherboard and check if 
PIN 2 and PIN 34 are bridged with wire underneath FDD connector.

Search for "Amiga 1200 Escom Floppy Fix" to solve this problem.

Click here to download instructions

Click here for customization of the FlashFloppy firmware or to revert it to defaults

Order one for your Amiga today.

They are currently in high demand so please contact for availability.
Priced at £80

Installation Guide for Amiga 500/500+
Installation guide for Amiga 1200