Keypad controller

  1. Based on Cherry MX red switches
  2. Left and Right hand option available
  3. Support’s 2nd fire
  4. Autofire feature
  5. 2nd Fire / Up – switchable mode
  6. PCB supported with 11 studs
  7. Top and bottom plate made from aluminium covered with white protective layer
  8. Option to have Top/Bottom plate from Stainless Steel (Made to order)
  9. DB9 moulded plug
  10. Cable additionaly braided
  11. Directional buttons available in: BLUE, BLACK, WHITE, RED
  12. Fire buttons available in: ORANGE, GREEN, RED, TURQUOISE
  13. Case available in: ORANGE, BLUE, BLACK, WHITE
  14. Compatible with: Amiga (all models)
  15. Atari(all models), C64, C128, VIC-20

When enquiring, please state your colour preferance for: directional buttons, fire buttons and case

Keypad controller – STANDARD (aluminium body) is priced at £70

Keypad controller – PREMIUM (Stainless steel body) is priced at £90